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At AY Digital Marketing, We provide customized marketing solutions that simplify digital marketing complexities and are tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. 

We’ve helped hundreds of individuals via webinars, consultations, and personal mentorship, and reached thousands plus with our free content.

Therefore, AY Digital Marketing is not just any ordinary agency run by inexperienced marketers, but rather a platform run by experienced marketing consultants and professionals.

We believe each business is unique and deserves a unique strategy. Our services are optimized for your growth so that you can focus on sharpening and scaling your message.
We specialize in providing consultancy and done-for-you services tailored to service-based businesses, with a focus on driving “Traffic and Conversions”.

Our Range Of Services Includes

Funnel Building

Are you a consultant? A  gym owner? A real estate agent? A dentist? A yoga instructor? Do you own some other service-based business?

Your business starts with your Funnel. Without one, you’ve already lost the battle.

So basically, a funnel for a service-based business is a well-designed strategy to attract potential customers and guide them toward becoming paying customers.

It has three stages:

1) getting people to know about your business

2) helping them understand what you offer

3) convincing them to buy your services.

It’s a strategy to create a good experience for customers and make them want to come back and recommend your business to others.

How do you know which strategy is right for you? Not to worry.

We have built high-converting sales funnels such as:

  • Lead Generation Funnel
  • Free Consultation Funnel
  • Appointment Booking Funnel
  • Workshop or Event Registration Funnels
  • Sales Call Booking Funnels

The above are the most effective proven funnels that will work depending on your business goals.

Once we decide which Funnel to build, we take care of everything including:

  1. Website Design
  2. Copywriting
  3. Email Marketing
  4. WhatsApp Marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing

Website Design

Your marketing efforts begin and end with your website.

Before you print a single business card or spend a penny on advertising, get a website.

It’s the place where you centralize all of your business information and marketing messages.

It is where potential customers can go to learn about your business.

For long-term thinkers, we always recommend building your website on WordPress.
The reason for this is so that you have more dynamic control on the experience you want to provide to your audience.
We don’t recommend Funnel Building tools, since it’s not economical and can be avoided.

However, there are some reasonable alternatives available which we will suggest, if required on our consultation call

Email Marketing

Email marketing for service businesses is considered one of the best forms of digital marketing.

Building a list of potential customers/clients is extremely important so that you can nurture your relationship with your prospects so that they’re encouraged to purchase your products.

It is a cost-effective marketing method that can help you generate even leads and drive direct sales for your service-based business.

We will integrate the email marketing system with your website and create an automated sequence of emails to follow-up

Copy Writing

This lays the foundation for your business. Good copy attracts your audience toward taking the next step in your sales process.

Copywriting is re-arranging words to make things sell better. It is a text form of salesmanship.

We will write the copy for your Landing page or Sales page, Thank you page, About page, and other pages if required (depending on the funnel being built)

We will write the email sequences to encourage your audience to click on the button to book a consultation call, generate enquiries or attend workshop

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facebook is best for lead generation & sales and, Instagram is best for brand awareness.

Facebook ads are a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes looking to reach new audiences and grow their customer base.

When managed effectively, Facebook ads can be extremely cost-effective, delivering high levels of ROI.

There are two powerful reasons why Facebook ads are so effective.

First, Facebook is the world’s largest social network, with over 2 billion daily active users. This gives businesses a huge potential audience to target with their ads.

Second, Facebook’s targeting options are extremely advanced, allowing businesses to laser-focus their ad campaigns to reach the right people.


Awareness, Branding & Engagement Campaigns
Online Appointments Booking Ads Campaign
Services Enquiry campaigns
Lead Generation Campaign for Workshops
Free Consultation Ads Campaign
Direct Conversion Campaigns for Paid Webinars

 And with the latest iOS 14.5 upgrade, w ensure your ADs continue to perform to the maximum.

Difference Between Consultancy And Done For You Services


As a Consultant, we will guide you or your team to take the necessary steps to achieve the required result.

Done For You Services

Done For You services include building and transforming your business and presenting it back to you.

AY Digital Marketing is built on the foundation of trust, compatibility, and high standards.

And we strive to work with clients who share the same values.

For us to see if you have a problem we can fix and are a good fit to work together, you can click on the button below.

We look forward to helping you take your business to the next level.

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